Unboxed Policy

"Unboxed product" refers to any product that has suffered damage to the outer packaging.
"Outer packaging" refers to the manufacturers original cardboard box that a product is packaged into.
"Product" refers to the contents of the outer packaging.
"Damage" refers to any tear, blemish or disfigurement of the outer packaging.

Whilst The Brand Haulers try to ensure that all outer packaging is in perfect condition, some outer packaging may suffer damage during transit.
These products are offered on sale at a greatly reduced price as an unboxed product.
The Brand Haulers understands that unboxed products may be aesthetically displeasing.
The Brand Haulers carefully inspect each unboxed product to ensure that the quality and performance of the unboxed product is unaffected.
The Brand Haulers further guarantees that the product is unopened and is unused.
In some instances, The Brand Haulers may reseal or replace the damaged outer packaging altogether to protect the product from damage when it is shipped to you.

Regrettably, we do not accept returns or exchanges on unboxed products, sale items or gift cards.

The customer agrees and accepts all of The Brand Haulers policies upon making payment for any order.

The Brand Haulers Terms of Service may be viewed here.