About Us

Bringing you brands without breaking your bank. We do exactly what our name suggests.

We haul branded items for you. We are proudly South African and female-owned, striving to bring local and international brands to your door. 

Our Founders Story

It all began with a search for an international skincare brand that was trending on social media. You see, my face is full of freckles and I have dry sensitive skin so I need a very specific skincare regime. The trending brand seemed to be exactly what I needed because their products allow you to build and customise a skincare routine that is specific for you.

After a Google search or two,  I found the brand at a few South African retailers and online stores and was excited to make my purchase. I went through the motions of an online purchase and then the long wait for delivery began. After what seemed to be an eternity, my package finally arrived and I got down to business. 

I started slow and introduced each product to my regiment, one by one. I found that a few of the products caused a slight irritation which was not supposed to be the case. Other products just seemed to be not doing anything at all which left me feeling quite disappointed. 

I began searching the net for more information on other peoples experiences only to find that...yes...others were having similar results as mine with knock-off products. Turns out, the brand is being copied and manufactured in China and there are some ever so minor differences in packaging that can help identify a fake. I grabbed each of my products and scrutinised the packaging. I was unlucky enough to end up with the knock-off. 

I wondered, how many other poor souls are being ripped-off and I vowed to do something about it. It was in that moment that the idea of importing brands from reputable suppliers came to mind and so The Brand Haulers was founded! 

With what little business savvy I have mustered over the years I began contacting brands and reputable suppliers directly. With the support from family and a few close friends, I made my first wholesale purchases and began building The Brand Haulers on the three pillars of: Authenticity, Affordability and Accessibility. 

My desire is for South African consumers to get exactly what they pay for and nothing less. I will strive to share my love for branded and niche items with you  using my platform, The Brand Haulers.


The Brand Haulers Founder

Brauler  :- [braw·luh] • noun -  a person who loves hauling branded items at an affordable price        

Brauler [braw·luh] • noun - a person who loves hauling branded items at an affordable price


Our Promise To You 


All products are 100% Authentic and are responsibly sourced directly from authorized distributors and/or the manufacturer. All customs and duties are paid in full when importing. All guarantees and warranties will be honoured by The Brand Haulers in accordance with our Return’s Policy.

NB: Importing from distributors that the manufacturer has approved is important to us. Please reach out to us should you require further information on the legitimacy of all our goods.



Naturally, we all love a good deal and we will always strive towards the best possible price to bring you that good deal wherever we can. Times are tough, which makes shopping a little harder too. We promise to save you a buck or two (or hundred) where we can.

Certain brands and products that don’t work out that affordable we won’t stock, however, if there’s an item you’d like which we don’t stock, we will try to source the item for you at the best possible price available to us.



Each Haul will be limited and sometimes a once-off item depending on availability. Sometimes shipping does take longer than expected as all our imports are done in smaller quantities to ensure the goods are authentic. With that being said, there are many more shipments going through customs. Clearance can take time depending on various factors such as Lockdowns (local and international), the time of year and the shipper our distributor chooses.

We do allow for pre-orders, simply contact us via email or DM us on Instagram and we will gladly provide you with more information on how to pre-order an item.

If there’s an item you’d like which we don’t stock, let us know and we will try our best to source it. 


Should you have any questions or would like to know more about us please email us at shop@brandhaulers.com

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us and always feel free to reach out to us with suggestions of local and international brands you'd like to see.